Naturecycle biodegradable mulch film
The Benefits of traditional polytheylene mulch film
Without the environmental problems
With Naturecycle biodegradable mulch film when the growing season ends you plow under the
remaining mulch film and let nature do the rest
Naturecycle biodegradable mulch film is transformed by microbes in the soil into
Co2, water, and harmless humus

The use of black plastic polyethylene mulch film in agriculture has grown rapidly.

This is not surprising when you see the many positive benefits for crop production.

  • Raises the temperature of the soil, lengthening the available growing season.
  • Reduces waster waste, keeps moisture in the soil.
  • Reduces weed growth, reducing labor necessary for removing plant-competing weeds.
  • Reduces root damage, less weeds means less tilling and thus less root damage from tilling.
  • Reduces herbicide use, less weeds means less need to spray.
  • Reduces fertilizer leaching, keeps the fertilizer where the plants can use it.
  • Provides a protective break between the soil and ripening fruit.

Traditional polyethylene plastic mulch film has negative characteristics that are often ignored.

The time and cost required for removal.

The environmental consequences and cost of landfill disposal.

Naturerecycle biodegradable mulch film’s in-place disposal feature solves both of those problems.

All of the benefits without the problems.